Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Zen goodness

I've been knocking together some doodles for a side project. I still love creating toon characters after all this time. All hail the Toxic Bunny (for those out there who might remember him).


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Artifact Peak

I am very interested in all the "lost" places of the world. All the momuments and buildings that nature has taken back and made her own. The hidden placecs of the world such as untouched rainforests and undiscovered natural hideaways are a real artistic inspiration.

1st of many to come -


Enter the birdMan

Bigger (not quite finished) version of the birdguy in my title image -


And so it begins.....

Welcome to this corner of the blogspace community where you will get to enjoy contained ramblings and artworks of a veteran (old?) game developer and his doodles.

This character concept was designed around the persistant MMO space generation. I gave her an alternative weapon and unusual armour to offset the very repetitve fantasy visuals.