Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank you Big brother! Australia Fails!,25197,22441228-5010941,00.html

Any game devers out there who read this remember to use your sign language next time you see Kevo Rudd <-- Massive fail.


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Alex Grigg said...

man, thats sad. i watched QandA on abc the other night, one of the questions was about censorship in games and rating systems (specifically about Fallout 3). It was really sad to see the politicians responses. Most of them were all for censorship in games, but dead against it in film and art, like games are some lowbrow culture. I know that film has taken almost a century to be considered a legitimate form of art/expression by the mainstream, which is why people are now against it being censored. I think it will just take time and a lot of effort from developers starts before people stop seeing nothing but mindless entertainment, and start taking its cultural capabilities seriously. Im sure that when that starts to happen, institutions like state and federal governments will change their tune about funding and support.

haha, sorry i got a bit long winded there! Hope your doing well man.