Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lost places continued!

Initial concept roughed out. I'm liking where this is going.... thoughts?


Alex Grigg said...

heya man, loving it. I really like the colour shifts and the blending. The comp is great too!
Crit wise... I think itd be really cool if there was a cool payoff in the focal point. like at the moment it disappears in to the cave, but if there was something interesting/suprising there for the audience to notice it really make the pic.
Thanks for the blog comments btw. I hadnt seen all of that film, its pretty great. you can really see the Animation Mentor skills shining through.
PRA's been great, Im back in briz now though. I'd been doing some off site work for them, but they've hit a quiet spot. So im looking for work, but it seems pretty tough in briz... im pitching for some freelance stuff, but its a hard slog. hopefully i wont need to move interstate, but i'll cross that bridge when i get to it. maybe you have some hot tips?
How about you man, hows things? Still at Fuzzyeyes?

Snarf said...

I'm curious what Froyd would say of your latest work Caleb? I like your stuff dude, keep posting, pretty please !

Caleb Salisbury said...

Thanks guys...
Alex that's unfortunate about PRA, but it seems a lot of the visual industry is slowing down in Oz at the moment.
I'm also into the freelance gig full-time now so I totally get where u are coming from. No real tips aside from basically just get your stuff out there for people to see.