Sunday, March 30, 2008

Creepy Disciples 3 "Fan art"


Alex Grigg said...

"See please Here" ...those spam bot writers are just getting lazy.

thanks for the comment man. ive been havin fun playing with some of the brushes alex gave me before i left.

Nice sketch man. your drawings are always good inspiration for how to use texture. you should through a back ground behind him and make it a finished piece!

Snarf said...

thx for posting again caleb, you're my hero... but seriously how do you sleep at night with pictures like that in your head.

Caleb Salisbury said...

Hey Alex, John,

Cheers for the feedback. I should probably do a backdrop for him, but he was just a more developed doodle so he will probably stay that way :P.
You're actually my hero john- all those 1's and 0's - how you pwn them all.