Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hey hey - a new 08 pic!

Alrighty..... I recently found out that at least one person reads (the pictures?) this blog so I will endeavour to update it more :) (thx John)
This image is done in my attempt to fashion a degenisis character.


alti said...

i like where that character is headed dude, we should sit down and do afew characters, bugger all this environment work off its to hard.. :)

Alex Grigg said...

hey caleb,

i always love seeing character stuff from you guys. i look forward to seeing where you go with this one. its got a nice angle going on

i finally got myself a computer, so i can get back into digital stuff again. ive pretty much just been drawing people on trains for the last couple of months, so im itching to play with some colours again.

(oh and you should totally delete that fenridal guys comment. his links are spyware, i had a couple like that last week.)

Caleb Salisbury said...

Thanks Alex :)
Deleted that arsepuppets post. I always loved creating characters but I don't get to create them at work :P - actually my heads under documents and nothing else atm :(
Good luck with your rendering!

keep posting :)